Seattle Mulch and Bark

Mulch comes in different shades, textures, and nutrient profiles. A black mulch gives a vibrant delineation of lawn and garden bed. Bright cedar mulch can brighten up a tree-shaded area.

Proper mulching makes it difficult for weeds to navigate, and can completely eliminate even the toughest weed problem.

Organic mulches provide nutrients to garden beds as they decompose, making them an important fertilizer. Many mulches retain water, making them a useful tool in water management.

Valley Property Services has been laying mulch for over 25 years, more than a decade of which has been spent throughout King County, Pierce County, and the surrounding areas. Our experienced team specializes in mulches that work well for the plants of the Pacific Northwest.

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Mulch and Bark

Areas We Serve

  • King County
  • Pierce County
  • Snohomish County
  • and surrounding areas!


We lay a wide array mulches, including:

  • MooDoo
  • Bark
  • Hog Fuel
  • ADA-Approved Play Chips
  • Wood Chips
  • Shredded Leaves
  • Compost
  • Straw/Hay
  • Plastic/Rubber/Composite
  • Landscape Fabrics
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Mulch & Bark Portfolio

Areas We Serve

King County

Pierce County

Snohomish County

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